Energy Upgrade your energy production processes


VSM, the partner of the biggest European energy suppliers

For many years, VSM has been able to adapt to the technological changes, especially in the renewable energies.

The products that we manufacture for our clients are inline with the most strict quality and reliability requirements. The markets’ shift towards energy transition implies our involvement in teh sector of high voltage transformers as well as wind and photovoltaic energy.

Let’s talk about your project

transformateur de puissance

Our expertise alongside energy suppliers

Analyzing your needs is a critical focus in our technical and commercial approach. Listening to you allows us to figure out the best way to help you, and at VSM, we give a paramount significance to your requests and insights i order to provide the most adequate solution.

Elaborating with you the requirement specifications

Since the start of your project, we are at your disposal to set the requirements for the solutions you are looking for in your plant. Together, we create a trustful relationship, a long-term partnership. We put to use our industrial expertise.

Engineering & mechanical/electric studies

Our collaborators, whose skills and experience is what gives VSM its strength, are experts in answering your needs and constraints.


For more than 30 years, VSM experience and know-hows have been a guarantee of reliability for our clients. Our production quality (manufacturing, assembly, wiring, adjusting,…) is reflected in the functionality and robustness of our solutions, as well as in their aesthetic side (paint, ergonomics,..). We are running the adjustments to prevent any problem that might occur and fix them before shipping/installing anything to our clients’ facility. 

On-site installation & maintenance

Your satisfaction, our priority. VSM is committed to installing your machines in the best conditions possible. In that capacity, our teams disassemble them and reassemble them after they are shipped to the client facility. In order to guarantee a custom support, our service includes our teams travels all across the world.