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Studies and design


Special machines

We are finding the most appropriate solutions to match your requirements. Special machinery is used for a specific demand. Thus, VSM is making sure to respect the safety standards as well as the operators wellness (less fatigue, tailor-made ergonomics).


Assembly lines

Unlike special machines, assembly lines are characterized by their usage to create a balance and a fluidity in order to improve the production as best as possible. Thus, we guarantee a significant increase in productivity and we develop tailor-made solutions. Your R.O.I is something we highly consider at every step in the development of our solutions because they are part of your requirements for the investments you make.



VSM is offering a large aray of solutions to answer your intralogistics needs.

VSM has know-hows through every step necessary to make your project a reality, from the assisted mechanization to automation solutions. VSM is here to advise/guide you.



VSM knows how critica softwares ares in an automated system. Our engineers are implementing standardized building blocks to design efficient softwares to fit your processes. VSM’s experience in the commissioning of Workgroup Computer Solutions is well established, especially in complex automation.



industrial IT

Wouldn’t it be easier if all the components to run the same system were gathered in one sotfware suite? Powerful and reliable, your system’s brain has all information available, confining  the interfaces to a minimum. This design provides flexibility, speed, maintainability, and facilitated development. What did we forget ?

Manage your logistic platform without any problems with VSM. 

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New technologies allow us to integrate robots, and use them thanks to the « Plug and Play » system. VSM provides you with support and advise on which robots will suit best your daily needs and your specification requirements. They are ideal to work safely, at a high pace, and allow you to free yourself from the constraints that tiring jobs has on your operators. We take care of the integration of those robots in your assembly lines.

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U.S certified

We manage the cerification process. Whether we sork on off-ground structures (spreader, conveyor,…) or on-ground machines (special machines, assembly lines,…), our engineers manage the safety coefficients that those structures require. Our studies are verified by well-known independent safety corporations. They have a critical role to play in our decision-making processes, in design as well as production, which is the synonym of a high safety level and consideration for ergonomics for your equipment. Dynamics tests are run before anything is shipped and the reports are sent to you when the products are delivered.

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Machining & mechanical assemblies

VSM commits to manufacture products taking into account your existing tools/machines, your processes, the size of your plant. We manage the assembly and take care of the delivery. Our experience and the trust we have been able to sustain with our customers allow us to provide you with a full, reliable and qualitative service. According to the proposal, VSM takes care of matrial handling (administrative papers, training, on-site installation), thanks to our teams in Europe and the U.S.

Our resources

For more than 15 years, thanks to our international suppliers in Europe, VSM can quickly answer your requests and guarantee a short realization timeline.

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Our industrial experience allowed us to find new opportunities internationally and provide you with our best partnerships. Throughout the years, VSM succeeded in creating a network of specialists, in France and abroad, for supplies, in order to reduce the timeframe for delivery. 

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