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We improve your industrial performance

VSM has a team to your service to help you benefit from productivity gain as soon as the machines are installed in your facility. The result will be adapted to your initial request and aligned with the business reviews we will have. We strongly believe that your participation is key to the success of the projects every step of the way to improve you assembly lines.

You have a specific need : VSM provides you with the most accurate and adequate solutions while respecting the technical and facility space constraints. We come up with solutions that correspond to our reliability, quality, and safety standards

On the same basis, we understand and take into account critical factors such as ergonomics, wellness for your  operators. All of our solutions are designed to respect those factors throughout our collaboration.


Our core values :
quality, trust, and customer satisfaction

At VSM, we know what is at stake regarding your daily issues. Identify your needs and come up with best solutions is what has build our reputation amongst our clients. Our commitment and our values are reflecting those aspects that are critical to the success of your project.

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  • Turnkey solution

    From design to manufacturing

  • High technical expertise

    Unique, tailor-made and customer oriented proposals

  • Tailor-made

    Adapted to your needs

  • On-site installation and training

    of your teams

  • ROI calculation

    Adapted o your needs and challenges

  • Team work

    With you and VSM using both teams' skills

  • Responsiveness

    VSM is human-scale company which alows us to excel in responsiveness

  • Follow-up