Intralogistics Innovations to serve your needs


Let’s build together your project’s architecture

Intralogistics gathers all logistic flows inside a warehouse or a plant.
In this field, VSM can provide you with a wide range of standard sub-assemblies which will allow you to build a solution adapted to your needs, while integrating your processes and space constraints.
VSM has know-hows every step of the way for your project ; from assisted mechanization to fully automated solutions. VSM is there to advise you and support you.

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Progress, adjustment and support

In the interest of ensuring your full satisfaction, implementing ready-for-operation system is critical for VSM teams. Needs change over time, and our systems are based on standard building blocks which can apadt as our sysem is changing. Our study will lead to effective, reliable and evolutionary solutions.


Our core values :
quality, trust, and customer satisfaction

At VSM, we know what is at stake regarding your daily issues. Identify your needs and come up with best solutions is what has build our reputation amongst our clients. Our commitment and our values are reflecting those aspects that are critical to the success of your project.

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